Volunteering with Community Concepts

Become a Volunteer!

Our volunteers are part of the Community Concepts family. Become a volunteer and give back to your community! You’ll feel good about helping those around you live happier and healthier lives. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change lives, including your own.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer Drivers: Volunteer drivers bring children, families, adults, seniors, veterans and cancer patients to their medical appointments. Schedules are flexible. Earn extra income of $.41 per mile to help those in your communities. Must be 20 or older, have a clean, reliable car and a safe driving record. Requires two days of training.

Contact: Kattie Roy <kroy@community-concepts.org> to become a volunteer driver.

Self-Help Volunteers: Volunteers can work with homeowners to help build homes in the Self-Help program. Contact msampson@community-concepts.org  for information on this volunteer opportunity.


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