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Money Management

Helpful sites for money management.
Click on the links below for more information:

Credit Counseling:

Contact a credit counselor at our Home Ownership Center offered through our subsidiary, Community Concepts Finance Corp.

Do you have money budgeting problems or need credit counseling? Please click on the link below for a great 2 minute video:

Money Managing Worksheets

4-Step Worksheet (to print)

Sample Family “Bills Due” Calendar

Money Saving Tips:

22 Money-Saving Tips

Tips for Paying Yourself First

Plugging Spending Leaks

Emergency Fund Worksheet


Credit Cards & Other Options:

Tips for Using Credit Cards


Free On-line Financial Courses:

Detailed On-line Financial Education Courses (all free!)

Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy Curriculum

Money Smart – a video-based Financial Education Curriculum

Credit Smart Curriculum

Money Smart for Young Adults – a video based education. Download the curriculum.

Consumer Credit Counseling on-line counseling






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