What Can We Do To Keep Our Children Safer?

We live in a scary world! It’s on the news every day, someone being charged with possession of child pornography, another sex offender being arrested for not following the registry rules and one more child gone missing. These disturbing things are happening right here in our community! We CAN protect our children!pic

It isn’t strangers that are abusing our children. Children are abused 85-95% of the time by someone they know, often times someone the family trusts, or an older child. Come learn how to keep all children safer!

“Parents in the Know” is a free, four session educational program presented by educators from Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services. The workshops include discussions and activities about establishing boundaries, identifying problematic behaviors from adults, promoting healthy relationships and sexual development for children, and becoming an active adult bystander.

Parents who have participated in “Parents in the Know” had this to say:

“I learned to be more aware and what to look for in keeping children safe.”

“I feel much more confident to react in situations in which children might be in danger. I feel much more assertive and have a clear picture of how to define boundaries and tell someone to leave my child alone.”

We invite you to attend if:

•You are a parent/caregiver of children 0-10 years old,

•You are an adult who cares about children,

•You are looking for information to pass along to others.

Flexible days and times- to accommodate busy parent’s schedules! Please call.

To register or for questions contact Janet at 743-9777 or