Advocate for Affordable Housing

Community Concepts is calling attention to the possibility of major cuts to a variety of low income housing programs in coordination with a national campaign aimed at keeping a roof over the heads of struggling families.

Community Concepts joins with the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Our Homes, Our Voices campaign to urge increases in affordable housing investments. This week, we urge everyone to contact their representative about the need for such investment.

Community Concepts is concerned that cuts to various affordable housing programs will impact thousands families throughout Western Maine. These families live in subsidized housing units, build their own homes through Rural Development grants, and receive assistance with weatherization and maintenance.

Some also receive home loans through Community Development Financial Institutions like our sister organication Community Concepts Finance Corporation, as shown in this video of one of our clients.

“Our affordable housing programs are varied, and they help so many people who otherwise would not be able to afford a mortgage or safe, healthy rental units,” said Shawn Yardley, CEO of Community Concepts. “Without federal, state and local funding, we would need to cut back these vital programs that so many in our communities depend on.”

Federal spending on affordable housing is already at historic lows, meaning that only one in four people who qualify for housing assistance actually receive it. Federal investments in affordable housing have widespread and significant benefits in communities in Maine’s urban and rural areas.