Company Culture


Community Concepts, Inc. believes strongly in teamwork and the wonderful accomplishments that can come from it. This is expressed in various places in our Employee Manual, given to all new employees on their first day of employment.

From your very first day, you feel a sense of belonging to a team of dedicated and caring professionals. In return for dedicated work, Community Concepts also believes in offering employees opportunities for development and advancement through numerous trainings, seminars and other learning opportunities.

The possibilities are endless when you work for Community Concepts – an organization that is just as dedicated to its employees as its employees are to their work for the organization.

Comprehensive Benefits

Community Concepts is not only dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality services in order to create opportunities for a better tomorrow, we are also dedicated to providing our employees with wages and benefits comparable to others doing similar work within the industry and within the region. Click on the Benefits link to find out more.

Safety First

At Community Concepts we always put safety first; we believe it is our duty to provide our employees with as safe a workplace as we possibly can.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Community Concepts is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to diversity in the workplace. We promote mutual respect, acceptance, teamwork and productivity in the workplace among people who are diverse in work background, experience, education, age, gender, race, ethnic origin, physical disabilities, religious belief, sexual orientation and other real and perceived differences.

Strong Employee Relations

Community Concepts has an established employee relations policy. In addition to providing benefits and honoring diversity, we strive to: operate an economically successful business so that a consistent level of steady work is available; develop competent people who understand and meet our objectives, and who accept with open minds the ideas, suggestions and constructive criticisms of fellow employees; promote employees on the basis of their ability and merit; dedicate ourselves to “Constant and Never-ending Improvement”; and do all these things in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation so that Community Concepts, Inc. will continue to be known as “a great place to work!”

If you are interested in joining our team, please click on Job Opportunities to see our current job openings and find out how to apply.

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