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For Homeowners

Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP)

The Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP) provides grants to clean, repair or replace central heating systems that serve low-income households.

CHIP funds may be used only to repair or replace dangerous, malfunctioning or inoperable heating systems that pose a threat to health and safety.

Limited CHIP benefits of up to $400 may be available for rental properties occupied by LIHEAP-eligible tenants.

Funding Source: Maine State Housing Authority

Serves Oxford & Androscoggin Counties

  • Furnace repair or replacement.
  • Client must be eligible for LIHEAP- fuel assistance.
  • Owners and Renters have different maximum dollar limits for heating repairs.

If furnace is condemned, or if it’s a “no heat” situation, notify Kristi White at 1-800-866-5588, ext. 1102 or






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