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For Homeowners

Energy Audits

Our audit process checks for proper air exchange and quality, and for proper insulation.  The customer receives energy saving estimates immediately to determine the best options available. With energy savings, customers can recover the cost of the testing and repairs within a short time.

Theses services are offered to everyone at an affordable fee!

Basic Energy Evaluation includes complete insulation inspection, projected contractor installation costs, & projected yearly energy savings.

Services provided:

  • Energy Evaluation:  Includes blower door testing to determine a home’s air tightness; infrared camera scan to detect thermal defects and heat loss in a home;  heating appliance testing, and a visual inspection from attic to basement.
  • Written reports: Includes a prioritized list of energy improvements for your home.
  • Financing: We can provide you with a variety of options.
  • Project verification:  Supervision and inspection of work performed.

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