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Maine Families Oxford County Home Visitation

Whether it’s your first baby or your third, every parent has questions.  Maine Families home visitors provide caring support and reliable information on the topics that matter to you.  Whether it’s how to soothe your crying baby, how to manage sleep (yours included!), or how to deal with the stresses of parenting, home visitors listen to your needs and concerns and empower you to make your own decisions about what is best for you and your baby. 

What happens during a home visit?

When you schedule a home visit with Maine Families, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences about parenting, ask questions and receive reliable information based on your interests and needs on topics such as:

  • pregnancy
  • child growth and development
  • baby and child health care
  • discipline
  • breastfeeding/formula feeding
  • toilet training
  • nutrition
  • child safety
  • immunizations
  • household safety
  • local resources

Touchpoints practice guides the work of Maine Families home visitors so that together you can provide the care and support your child needs to be healthy and ready to learn. The Touchpoints Approach is based upon the research and practice of internationally recognized pediatrician, T. Berry Brazelton, MD. Dr. Brazelton has served and listened to the concerns of over 25,000 parents and children.

You can expect a Touchpoints trained Maine Families Home Visitor to:

  • Talk with you and your child with respect and understanding.
  • Value your questions about your child and your care giving.
  • Listen without judgment as you share concerns about your child’s behavior.
  • Treat you as the most important person in your child’s development.
  • Respect and value your family’s culture and experiences.
  • Share with you the excitement of your child’s development.
  • Join you in advocating for the best care and services for your child and family.
  • Help you find community resources for your child and family.
  • Provide guidance and support to help you understand and respond to predictable ups and downs as your child grows.

All families are eligible that are expecting or have a baby under 3 months. Families are served until the child reaches age 3.

Contact us today to schedule a home visit or for more information, contact Melissa Wakefield at 1-800-866-5588

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